art deco


What a difference a few accessories and a change of scenery can make!  This dress was one of my first few outfit posts on Sugarlaws, and in those pictures, it felt a little hit-or-miss.  Some of you guys liked it, some were (with fair reasons) unimpressed.

But I hope this post has made you guys change your mind!  I fell in love with this dress the second I tried it on (it’s almost four years old now), before “ombre” was a trend the way it is now.  I just loved the shape and the fabric and the comfort of it — and I knew that no matter how many months it sits untouched in my closet, there’ll always be a perfect moment to pull it out again.

For me, that perfect moment dropped into my lap when I saw Mark’s deco-inspired accessories this month!  The Dramatic Effect bracelet and Deco Drama studs are the perfect way to add some understated glam to any outfit, and the Vintage Feel Necklace that I’m wearing here has easily become one of my absolute favorites!  Can you believe it’s only $22?  Seriously!

Mark. Dramatic Effect bracelet, Deco Drama studs, and Vintage Feel Necklace, Sisley dress (old).




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